We provide integrated lending solutions including Buy Now Pay Later, Merchant Cash Advance, And Credit Facilities For E-Commerce Platforms.

A single API integration enables your customers to obtain funding, manage cashflow, and make payments seamlessly

Integrated solution

Bespoke loan products and solutions

Finsure's platform offers proven credit solutions for a wide range of working capital use cases

  • Real-time funding from application to payout in 15 minutes
  • Transparent and predictable financing fees for SMEs
  • Flexible repayment schedules based on business cash flows
How it works

We simplify Business Lending

We provide the technology

We handle compliance matters

We bring the capital

Finsure Platform provides the modular components you need to build a full-featured, scalable credit product for your small business customers


Creating accounts

Create an account object with a single API request. Onboard users, verify IDs, perform KYC, OFAC, sanctions, and MATCH list checks, and provision an account in seconds


Scoring customers

Provide your own customer transaction data or allow the user to connect their bank account to retrieve a score, credit decision and offer.


Disbursing funds

Disburse funds within seconds after negotiating and accepting a credit offer.


Managing repayments

Schedule direct debits, charge cards and reconcile bank transfers automatically and hassle-free.


Providing cash flow advice

Provide cash flow advice to your clients with our Finsure's Analytics AI, so they can take control of their finances and manage their businesses more efficiently.


Find out how to turbocharge your business!

Flexible approach

Integration types to meet your confidence level

Whether you want to focus on an accelerated go-to-market with no lines of code written or build for the optimal user experience embedded deeply into your product, Finsure has got you covered


Light integration

  • Customize our user experience to match your brand
  • Quickly start funding your customers or merchants

Everything in between

  • Accelerate your existing user experience with the pre-built widgets
  • Provide customer data through our API
deep integration

Deep integration  

  • Seamlessly embed our products into your existing user experience
  • Facilitate full credit experience in the background
How it works

Limitless use cases

Lines of credit for transport, logistics, and supply chains

Offer revolving credit lines to your customers, so they can have access to financing and cover their working capital needs.

Advancing Marketplace Remunerations

Drive loyalty and retain merchants by advancing money, so they can purchase new equipment and inventory when needed.

Factoring Invoices or Trade Credit

Retain customers by removing invoicing hassles, and offering on-delivery remuneration without affecting seller payment terms.

Buy Now Pay Later on your B2B marketplace

Offer procurement loans at your online POS to boost average order values and GMV.

True Credit Cards for your customers

Whenever businesses have to pay before collecting, we provide credit cards to pay upfront.

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Market reactions

Loved by customers
and awarded by experts

Your customers are our customers. Having served small businesses for years, we know what it takes to create high-quality credit offerings.

Customer responses to our product:

Best lending solution of 2018
by FinTech and InsurTech
Best lending solution of 2018
by FinTech and InsurTech
Member of the Association of Financial Services Providers in Poland
Best lending solution of 2018
by FinTech and InsurTech
Strategic partnerships

Partners we work with

Our partners are a key component of our business and product. We work with industry-leading solutions providers who share our vision of a fully digital, real-time credit experience to consistently surpass customer expectations.

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Currently, Finsure Platform is in initial phases of roll-out and available as a beta version. In this time, we are serving a limited number of partners that work with businesses based in Poland and Germany. Capabilities will continue to be added based on evolving customer needs.

Please let us know how we can help, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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